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Concepts for the "Art Generation" based on creative, ecological and altruistic subjects



An initiative for the European baby boomer generation, who grew up in the moving and exciting 60's and 70 ies.
For an ever-growing part of the group, the question arises of how to sensibly implement their own life plans .
Whether on holiday or even the creation of a suitable environment for living in the "Indian Summer" of life.

The ArtGeneration Land

Artgeneration 220

The ArtGeneration concepts offer interesting alternatives for working, living and life for the generation 50 plus - 60 plus. They are based on creative, ecological and altruistic subjects.
In the nature or amidst beautiful scenery, tourism aspiring regions of Germany meet the "Spirit of the 60's" small-town fairytale romance and a down-home “life in the countryside”  philosophy.
Selection criteria for suitable locations: Unspoilt nature, affordable real estate and land, good transport links (eg railway) in the metropol cities and to international airports, functioning health care (hospitals), good social infra- structure, sufficient and expandable offer for local shopping, culture and mobility, access to fast Internet connections, funding opportunities.

ArtGeneration Regional
Together with the regional Art Generation partners nearly all individual concepts can be realized from the ArtGeneration program nationwide.

“We haven't had that spirit here since nineteen sixty-nine"

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For the implementation of ArtGeneration - lifeworlds numerous concepts in the field of converted property were developed-  inventory and building renovation, complemented by extensive standard design houses. They range from retro design living and working resort with unusual garden themes, Individual buildings for catering and trade, small hotels and residential community houses, up to complete entertainment residences and  holistic agritourism conceptions.
All together include business start-up ideas in the fields of art, music, literature, theater, fashion, crafts, craft, health, service and much more. A general commitment to Slow Movement subjects such as Slow Food, Slow City and Slow Tourism also be interested in "career changers" from other generations.


In cooperation with regional banks, tax advisors, lawyers, financial advisors, funding consultancy by the Senior Expert Service (SES) of the Foundation of German Business (senior manage-ment consultant coach 50 plus) we offer an extensive support.
From micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to individual cooperatives, cooperative societies, public limited companies and foundations, anything is possible.EU_60
For a European cast in concepts and start-ups, the establishment of a European Cooperative Society (SCE) to offer (also for people from the EEA area possible: For example, Iceland, Norway and England).

ArtGeneration target
Together create spaces for independent living, establishing start up initiatives 51 plus, "social farming" and cultural engagement for urban and rural areas and creative life in all regions.

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