Star Region Prignitz

Kyritz  the "city of lakes and forests"   :: Tudor style house in the Bachstreet


STAR  REGION PRIGNITZ  ::  Between Berlin and Hamburg.

The Hanseatic city of Kyritz has about 9000 inhabitants on an area of 156 km². Kyritz, the "city of lakes and forests", provides a habitat with high living, leisure and recreation value.

Due to its strategic location on the historic trade route between Berlin and Hamburg, as well as a widespread water network of the city, Kyritz was admitted to the Hanse on June 24, 1359. It belonged to her until 1417.

With its convenient location, Kyritz does not only have good connections to the German capital Berlin and the north German economy, but also delightful waterways, which once constituted to the city's membership in the Hanseatic League.

Kyritz is situated directly on the main road 5 (Berlin-Hamburg) and on the main road 103 (Kyritz-Rostock). The national road 14 is the shuttle to the federal motorways 24 (Berlin-Hamburg) and 19 (Rostock).

A landmark of Kyritz is the late-Gothic St. Mary's Church, which is located in the historic center of Kyritz. As a member of the working group "cities with a historic center" Kyritz is characterized by  predominantly historic buildings.

Medical care of the town of Kyritz and the environment is ensured by the Klinikum Kyritz.

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