Country Life - remodeling SOLUTIONS

Local supply
Community Square
Handmade quality

Artgeneration® Entertainment Concepts for an entertaining country life

SLED outdoor displays
Stages outdoor and indoor
Music Theatre Ballet
Cinema outdoor and indoor
Culture tents
Bowling, table football, pinball

Slow Food

Renovation and remodeling of villages

Using ecological materials, a common power supply,
Human and animal-friendly lighting technology for outdoors.
Community systems from workshop rooms to the market place and “bakery-houses”.
Transport, storage and common supply logistics, eBike charge and rental stations, IT / SAT Technology
Community facilities for culture and sport, fundamental accessibility, individual houses. Expansion with extra rooms for work, workshop, production or shop premises. Bed & Breakfast offers.

Juices, syrups, nectars, wine, liqueurs, brandies, Pickles,
Vegetable Re-cultivation
Essential Oils
fruit orchards
ArtGeneration® vegetables Academy

Village of rare delights

Cultivation of rare vegetables and fruits, herb cultivation, possibly working with rare breeds of domestic animals.
Factories for unique handmade quality directly from producer:
Beverages: juices, syrups, nectars, wine, liqueurs, brandies, cider
Spreads, sauces & Co .: chutneys, jellies, honey, jams & Co, pesto, pâté, fat and lard, mustard, sauces
Meats & sausages: deer, cattle, snail, pig, ostrich,
Crops: potatoes, vegetables, fruit
Dough products: cakes, cookies, cake mixes, flour, noodles
Dairy products: dairy, handmade cheese
Oil & Vinegar: herbal vinegar, oils, for example, hemp oil (unrefined cold-pressed)
Herbs & Spices: petals, herb salt, herbs and spices for your kitchen, crafts, medical needs, tea
Pickles: vegetables, fruits, mushrooms
Cereals & snacks

Non Food
Beauty & cosmetics:  balm, creams, natural herbal soaps & gels, eg  aloe butter, essential oils as anise, aroma oils as vanilla, bath & massage oil, drops, therapeutic essential oils, tinctures; e.g. chamomile, for example, ointments arnika, waxes as organic beeswax, decor & art: sculptures, candles and lamps, wool & fleece, cups, pillows & fragrant sacs, woodwork, fashion

The Green Life Concept

For self-catering and all those who want to relax in agricultural activities in the fresh air, we offer the opportunity for specially tuned components integrated into the house concept . For example: The creation of cottage gardens, greenhouses in different sizes (up to the professional greenhouse or aquaculture greenhouse), natural ponds (also for fish farming), fruit growing (fruit trees / orchard), beekeeping, gazebos.

Village of passions

Semi-professionals and professionals occupy themselves with long-held wishes  of employment in crafts and creative professions.

Plantation Village

Agroforestry concepts. Implementation in the village, on the outskirts and the surrounding area.

ArtGeneration® vegetables academy

Cooking School: focus vegan diet. Development, production and processing vegetable products (eg lupins).
Local vegetables - bring/ subscription service event (Design) allotments – Offer of medical practitioner/dieticians
As a cooperative: additional purchase and operation of ecological farming (vegetables, fruit, wine, herbs) in southern EU countries
Consideration of inclusive employment models

carpenter Beehive made of Birgit Jönsson

Numerous options for the implementation of 50 plus Artgeneration concepts.
Information:  REMODELING@ ArtGeneration eu 

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