“Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90. Time is a concept that humans created.”
                                                                                                                                                ― Yoko Ono

We set out to stand up for an independent and active life at old age (starting from the second half of life) and  for a contemporary image of old age while turning against age discrimination.

The initiative ARTGENERATION® offers interesting alternatives for working, living and tourism for the target group 50 plus - 60 plus. They are based on creative, ecological and altruistic subjects.
Our consultants' fees are customary in the branch (corporate business issues, design, conception, organization, marketing). These would be applied for a takeover of existing concepts or individual single projects.
An initial consultation is free and without obligation and clarifies your consulting needs or your project requirements. For example, to clarify an  ideal project location (in the pilot project areas), which concepts are interesting for your needs, buying a property interest in cooperative solutions, interest in rental solutions, etc ..
An inclusion in a prospective tenant list is free.
In cooperation with the municipalities, municipal housing companies, real estate agencies and private offers, we negotiate a favorable purchase price. Thus, the fees are usually already amortized with the purchase of the property.
The concept buildings and standard design houses "house programs ArtGeneration" will be built in cooperation with regional and national network partners.
For the implementation of ArtGeneration concepts and start-ups, we cooperate with  regional networks in the pilot project areas. This also applies to the follow-up, that is, after realization of the concepts (eg booking services, public relations, art & cultural events).
For all other regions in Germany (or also the EU countries), we are still looking for  independently acting ArtGeneration "ambassadors" who want to offer these services in close cooperation with us.

The ArtGeneration® Marketingconcept -  The Art of Living
With the ArtGeneration® concepts we offer an interesting field of activity for sustainable communities, and various trade and service industries.
The focus of service, for the target audience of baby boomers, is art and culture.

Private "end users" and private investors (working with hedge funds, we reject) benefit from the regional organizational structures with clusters and cooperative start-ups.

For example, in the following ArtGeneration® areas:
Construction. Residential and vacation resorts, rebuilding in inventory, remediation, concierge living, accessibility, design, comfort and Safety-building control, energy supply, telecommunications, garden themes, agricultural building solutions and aquaponic / greenhouses.

Design. Spatial concepts, catering and hotel design, design for furniture, kitchens, surgeries. Offices, fitness / wellness / health, warehouses and market halls, shops

Mobility. Fleet in cooperation with bus companies, design of buses, commercial vehicles, motorhomes, car sharing, bike sharing, conversion of vehicles for people with reduced mobility, moving services and general logistics

Tourism. Integrated solutions for municipalities and tourism companies, incl. Networks for river cruises and lifestyle bus and train travel.

Agro - tourism. Issues and solutions.

Entertainment. Solutions in the areas of media, publishing, events for art and culture, workshops, events.

Marketing. Consulting for companies, municipalities and business founder / co-operatives from all sectors of ArtGeneration® worlds under consideration of Slow Food, Slow Travel. Cittaslow, Slow Goods, Slow Fashion, Slow Gardening aspects.

The medium- to long-term benefits for the project municipalities:
Guests from around the world of ArtGeneration / baby boomers and later generations, largely independent of holiday cycles (a 12-month revival of projects is the target), creating future-proof jobs with additional focus on training places for young people in the region.

A) Pure tourism concepts only create seasonal jobs.
B) Six "average" retirees develop the economic potential of a small company, the younger ArtGeneration / Baby Boomer even in some cases considerably more.

Manufacture of essential oils of herbs and spices
Slow Travel
Slow Food
Agro Tourimus

Examples of jobs:
Some examples ("export") products, services and applications:
• Production of design furniture, design kitchens (for apartments), individual furniture for the needs of the target group. Innovative solutions for residential community facilities, boarding houses, catering facilities.

• made-to-measure development and manufacturing for clothes, footwear (hiking, sports, health), glasses and much more.
• equipment and conversion of vehicles like minibuses, motorhomes, midi coaches, transport vehicles for people with movement restrictions. Local and regional transport concepts for guests and residents, in Germany and cross-border.
• production and conversion of e-bikes for special applications, eg transport bikes.
• therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), physical therapy, fitness programs for the target group.

• algae production in photobioreactors:
foods and algae oil as a high-end health products (for example for healthy eyes and a healthy heart).
As a high-quality feed for fish and poultry (omega 3 fatty acids).
• manufacture of essential oils of herbs and spices for food, health / therapy, cosmetics, feed additive (poultry, rabbits, goats, sheep).
• growing and processing of short rotation crops for energy production.
• manufacture of food --and specialty drinks - also priorities for vegans, an intergenerational future market. For example, products from lupine flour.

• IT technology for the target group. Examples: for people with impaired vision apps, pagers, e-book publishing, developing e-learning and telemedicine.

• production IPTV Offers *

• In general: retail deals with products and services that complement the existing offer.
• Trade fair for the mentioned products and services.
• Training for service occupations in housekeeping, care, facility management, creative therapists.

Basically results,as impulses for the secondary and tertiary employment market (production, services, information technology, high-tech and agriculture).

Services, service and health care for the ArtGeneration target group.
Ophthalmologists (Example refractive lens exchange), dentists (bio-implants), ENT doctors (listening), regional (spa) clinics and hospitals (heart / circulatory, musculoskeletal system), farms, restaurants and hotels, tourist facilities, retail interest in ArtGeneration- target group,  (e-bike) and Bicycle shops and car dealers (fleet).

Regional TV offering for the baby boomer audience.
Broadband and WebTV and satellite-over-IP technology and Streaming
Saftey-building control, energy supply, telecommunications for the ArtGeneration 50 plus/ over sixty

*ArtGeneration® (IP)TV

Regional TV offering for the baby boomer audience. A mixture of target group-specific content,
Social media, e-education and regional information.
Supplement with video on demand services.
music movies and clips of music (national),
arthouse films (nationwide),
documentation (nationwide),
reports (regional)
talk / discussion groups (regional)
live events (regional)
film productions of the regional workshops, travelogues, and lectures also in the field of Health (regional and national).
Operating model:
Broadband and WebTV / satellite over IP technology / streaming.
Financing through subscription, pay-per-view and selected regional advertising (introduction services and products)
Optionally, the publication of the editorial content as eMagazine and / or print magazine is possible.

Further information: Information @ ArtGeneration .eu

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