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Currently, most founders in Germany are between 25 and 44 years old.  People aged 45 and over are more rarely involved in start-up activity.  People aged between 55 and 64 years are responsible for 10 percent of all start-ups. Contrary to the trend, the representation in this age group has increased by almost a third.

Number of elderly founder rises
The number of older founders will continue to increase, states the RKW Competence Centre in its study "Middle-aged company founders” (2013). The biggest reason is demographic change: in 2035, almost half of the people in Germany will be older than 50. This means that the number of older people to potentially  found companies will increase. At the same time the number of births is declining. The consequence is that the number of young workers, and potential young entrepreneurs, will decrease.  What's more: people aged 45 and over are becoming more interested in self-employment . According to the DIHK founder Report in 2013, one fifth of all surveyed company founders was older than 50 years old.

Qualität und Nachhaltigkeit

Start ups by Elderly
                                  urgently required

The significance of this increase becomes clear when bearing in mind: start-ups (with founders of all ages) are the basis for small and medium sized companies,  and therefore for the entire middle class.  It’s not only the number of companies founded by different age groups which has importance, but also the quality and sustainability of the start-up projects.  According to the RKW study, older founders seem to have luck on their side.  Their research suggests that companies founded by older people will be more sustainable than those of younger generations (from the brochure GründerZeiten 19, the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy).

Regional Initiative company formation
In cooperation with regional banks, accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, funding consultants and the Senior Expert Service (SES) of the Foundation of German Business (senior management consultants coach 50 plus) an extensive support is offered. From micro, small and medium-sized enterprises  to individual cooperatives, cooperative societies, public limited companies and foundations, anything is possible .

Examples of areas of activity: consulting professions, crafts, craft, agriculture (FarmEntertainmnet), trade and services in general, health professionals, media and publishing, IT (eg HomeKit solutions from Apple), mobility, textile design and production, art, hotel, catering, horticulture, food production, eco-technology, tourism, architecture / interior design, engineers.
Further Examples:


Craft tradition
some examples as: weaver, shoemakers, hatters, boatbuilders, stove maker, instrument makers, lithographer, turneries, puppet maker


Alternative treatments and therapies as a complement to conventional medicine: Acupressure, acupuncture, Alexander technique, anthroposophic medicine, respiratory therapy, ayurveda, eye training, auriculotherapy, autogenic training, auto-suggestion, azidosetherapy, Bach flower therapy, alkaline diet, spa treatment, balneotherapy, occupational therapy, bowtech, movement therapy, deep tissue massage, biochemistry after Schuessler, bioenergetics, biofeedback, Bircher-Brenner diet, leech treatment, chakra therapy, chelation therapy, chinese medicine, chirologie, chiropractic, cluster medicine, Clark therapy, colon hydrotherapy, colonic massage, cranio-sacral therapy, intestinal cleansing, colonic irrigation diet, Dorn therapy, darkfield microscopy, echinacin therapy, gemstone therapy, autologous blood therapy, electro-acupuncture according to Dr. Voll, enzyme therapy, relaxation techniques, occupational therapy, nutritional therapy, esogetic Medicine, eurythmics, colorpuncture, color therapy, Feldenkrais method, Felke therapy, feng shui, five Tibetans, reflexology, therapeutic fasting, whole body hyperthermia, counter sensitization by Theurer, gelosentherapy, talk therapy, gestalt therapy, group therapy, hair mineral analysis, therapy with pets, Hildegard medicine, homeopathy, homotoxicology, humoral, hydroelectric bath, hydrotherapy, hypnosis, immune stimulation, inhalation, ion ointment, ion therapy (endogenous), iontophoresis, isometric exercises, isopathy, japanese herbal heat, cold therapy, kahuna, kinesthetic, kinesiology, Kneipp Kur, carbon dioxide therapy, herbal therapy by Maria Treben, constitution therapy, art therapy, laser therapy, light therapy, lymphatic drainage, magnetic therapy, macrobiotics, painting therapy, manual therapy, massage, Mayr cure, meditation, mental training, mesotherapy, microkinesitherapie, microbiological therapy, mistletoe therapy, whey-drinking cure, Moxa therapy, music therapy, muscle relaxation according to Jacobson, medicinal fungi , nail diagnostics, neural therapy, nosode therapy, ear acupuncture, ear candle, organotherapy, orgone therapy, orthomolecular medicine, osteopathy, ozone therapy, phytotherapy (herbal medicine), pranic healing, psychotherapy, pyramid energy, Qi Gong, radionics, Schroth, radon therapy, dowsing, reflexology, rolfing, red light treatment, juice fasting, Schnitzer food, oxygen treatment, cupping, sensitivity training, soft laser therapy, Stanger, brine treatment, tachyon therapy, tai chi chuan, taiki-magnetic plaster, tantric massage, thalassotherapy, tThymusbehandlung, tTibetan medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), teas, UV irradiation, Tui-Na hyperthermia therapy, vegan diet, vegetarian diet, four cell, whole foods, Waerland food, heat therapy, yoga, cell therapies, zen, tongue diagnosislotherapie,


The ArtGeneration® Academy

drawing school 50 plus / over 60,
wine growing,
photo studio

A small selection of possible "Subjects":
Alternative business models especially for the “ArtGeneration” 55 plus / The 60plus as aquacultural, hunting, archeology, architecture, baking, sculptor studio, organic farming, archery, boat building, confisserie, creative writing, design studio, kite building, printing, gemstone grinding shop, farming, flowers, television studio, film studio, research, forestry, photo studio, garden design, singing lessons, stained glass, spice customer, glassblowing, goldsmiths, graphic studio, medicinal plants, wood carving, musical instruments, IT training, ceramics workshop, piano lessons, complementary medicine, confectionery, cooking, beauty salon, herbalism,literature workshop, painting, microeconomics, furniture restoration, fashion tailoring, mosaic studio, music, natural cosmetics, fruit growing, operas, operettas, orchid nursery, patchwork, personal coaching, philately, etchings, rotisserie, metalworking, jewelry design, brandy distillery, shoemaking, carpentry, Shiatsu, language training, taxconsulting, style consulting, textile design, theater, dance theater, therapeutic riding, animal treatment, animal husbandry, studio, pottery, watch restoration universal workshop, vegan food, weaving, wine growing, drawing school ....

beehive "Carpenter" by Birgit Jönsson
Universal workshop
textile design over 60,
 60+ Confisseri
language teaching 50 plus

Additional activities such as training seminars in theory and practice given by "seniors" (lecturers for young people from around the world) are also planned.

Practical consulting tasks on Au Pair * basis are a substantial part of the ArtGeneration® Academy concept.

For more information: StartUp @ ArtGeneration eu 

photos: ArtGeneration, 55 plus,  60plus, nof, Zimmermann /by Birgit Jönsson, 123rf/ 11989313, 35392605, 32255890,

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