Rebuilding and monument restoration

Sustainable adaptation strategies for buildings, spaces and structures, incl. lifestyle concepts for "ArtGeneration®" with design apartments for community living, concierge management.

Design apartments for Community Living
50+ / 60+ Rebuilding and monument restoration
Lifestyle concepts for "ArtGeneration®"
Lifestyle concepts for ArtGeneration®

Rebuilding and monument restoration

Sustainable adaptation strategies for buildings, spaces and structures, incl. lifestyle concepts for "ArtGeneration®"
Design apartments for community-living
Reconstruction of multifamily houses. 2-room apartments, shared kitchens, common rooms, staff rooms.
For people with similar interests.
Example subject: literature.


An offer to homeowners who do not want to leave their homes in old age, but  the upcoming renovations are  too large to  do it alone. Conversion of large detached houses, farmhouses, commercial buildings. Example of a new division:
The cooperative model (eG) is ideal for the implementation of these concepts.

City farming, shared flats and Green Life Concept

Older urban and suburban settlements with existing green areas or residential facilities with surfaces that are suitable for restoration. Optional District Garden Bistro.


Mixed Emotions 
Art-residence for the Second Half of Life

Conversion of office buildings, public buildings, residential blocks.
Apartments of 1-3 rooms (spa bath with infrared cabin, fitted wardrobes, apartment kitchen, home entertainment devices. Bistro (with catering), cinema / reading room, garden or roof garden, staff rooms and communal kitchens are an integral part of the concept.  Optionally  integrated: Apartments for students.


The cooperative “for a change of air”

Designed as (EU) single cooperatives in  interesting tourist destinations in the countries Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, France, Ireland and southwest England. For instance, for buying and accessible ecological restructuring of residential floors, small hotels, guest houses and hotels floors. As a holiday, vacation-, residential home for cooperative members. Optional with additional rental. Medical care, concierge and care service, travel and delivery services, IT solutions, home entertainment and much more is co-organized, specially for the ArtGeneration 50 plus/ over sixty .


The ArtGeneration® "Care-Holiday" concept

Rebuilding  of sanatoriums, health care facilities and small hotels in tourist places or spas.
The ArtGeneration® "Care-Holiday" concept special for the ArtGeneration 55 plus: short-term and respite care, for up to 8 people, supervised in ambulant urbanization on time.

The ArtGeneration® "Green Care" concept

The ArtGeneration® Greencare concept:
Resorts with smaller individual design houses,
Resort and care / concierge management,
Workshop rooms,
Theme gardens - also for self-supply.
Access to care and urban health logistics of ArtGeneration® networks.
Equipment of homes with innovative IT / home entertainment / telemedicine / care / concierge / house- / energy control systems.


The ArtGeneration® Academy

Conversion of existing buildings or estates at selected locations in D and EU.
Workshop / training rooms, conference rooms, rooms for production film / podcasts, IPTV content, e-book publishing, small synchronization studio, boarding / guest house, cooking school and restaurant.


Rebuilding of factory, office and public buildings

This office community is a mix of internet cafe and cubicles


Rebuilding of factory, office and public buildings
Co-working group in rental workshops.

Rental workshops with various subjects such as woodworking, metalworking, painters, textile and leather processing, screen printing and more.


Rebuilding of factory and office buildings
Art & culture department store

Dining options, meeting and office spaces.


Rebuilding of factory, office and public buildings

Free space for rare crafts and those that are currently becoming extinct


ArtGeneration® vegetables academy

Cooking School: focus vegetarian / vegan diet. Development, production and processing vegetarian / vegan products (eg lupins).
Local vegetables - bring / subscription service, (design) allotments - events - offers medical practitioner / nutritional advice, considering integrative employment


The "mother Emma" remodeling concept

A combination of "neo corner shop" with professional "kitchen", special food supply, takeaways, beverage sales and catering themes from around the world.


ArtGeneration® The Blue (washing) Salon

Coffee, art, culture & - communication in a self-service laundry


ArtGeneration® network knitting

Zen knitting, art knitting, sewing, shop, wool & materials, courses, cafe, exhibition,


ArtGeneration® „Sharing-Bar“

Communications bistro revolving around sharing economy


ArtGeneration® DayClub

Reconstruction : reactivation larger former retail stores
ArtGeneration® Dayclub
Live music / lectures / film / theater / workshops

Reconstruction: Culture Market Hall

Transformation, change of use, public buildings, railway stations, old warehouses, office buildings, factory buildings, car dealerships, rural buildings, among other things
Development of individual concepts as “cultural market” with market, cooking school, brewery, restaurant, small luxury cinema, cafe / bistro, crafts / crafts. Operation possible as a cooperative model.



Catering concepts for Artgeneration.
Different themes. Combined with apartments and catering.
Alternatively, use a restaurant and residential community Apartments for ambitious best-agers.



Workshops and shops for mass apparel, footwear, eyewear, jewelry.
Apartment / boarding house and dining establishments.
Alternatively, use: Shared Apartment housing for ambitious Best-Agers 55+



Remodeling older inns / hotels town & country for hikers and cyclists.



Remodeling of older industrial buildings and workshops aquaculture / aquaponic, indoor marketplace.
Cooking school and ecological foodstuffs.

Reconstruction of municipal outdoor and indoor pools

Spa and fitness areas, theme restaurant, greenhouse, themed garden with outdoor theater, and much more.


RECONSTRUCTION “Walk Free” - Train Trekking

Rebuilding  of old railway stations, for warehouses, factory buildings, old inns and public buildings near private and municipal railway lines in Germany.


Boat hiking and river cruises

Rebuilding of marinas, buildings near marinas (smaller shipyards, warehouses) in ArtGeneration small hotels, resorts, catering concept building and supply and logistics stations.



Existing hotels for ArtGeneration® Regio stations. Accommodation and stopover for short and cultural tours of ArtGeneration® travel concepts.
Additional function: Networked with regional alternative transport concepts.
Offers: Healthy Eating, local cuisine, spa facilities, establishment of standards ArtGeneration® hotel and boardinghouse requirements for the “ArtGeneration” over fifty / 60plus .

CONVERTED: “Wanderlust”

Conversion of country inns in hiking destinations
Exercise / guidance / health courses hiking with accommodation


Urban development, experience shopping -

Experience shopping is a trend and many retail spaces would offer space that could be used for an all around "shopping experience". But ingenuity is in demand and the move away from basic and mundane offers. Cities and towns should maybe be creative than ever before to present themselves as places where people like to linger and just love shopping.

The following shops and offers we can recommend: cheese, wine, herbs, regional agricultural specialties, tea, coffee roasters, chocolate / confectionery, gourmet Shops bakery / patisserie, all supplemented for cooking / cuisine, themed cuisine from the Artgeneration® program ( through activities with the Slow Food association, Slowbakery and Cittaslow), art, craft and interior galleries with themes from around the world, themed bookstore with DVD and CD shop incl. antiquarian & rental, vinyl records and hi-fi, home theater equipment Fashion, tailors, shoemakers (manual production), lingerie, fabric art, hatter, natural cosmetics, vintage clothing, vintage toy, vintage wallpaper, florists / Ikebana, shops for outdoor activities (trekking, hiking, fishing, water sports, bikes) , IT shops for target group offers and services.

 Example subject: literature - Rimbaud
50+ / 60+ An offer to homeowners who do not want to leave their homes in old age
City-Farming 50+ / 60+
 Art-residence for the Second Half of Life 50+ / 60+
holiday, vacation -, residential home  50+ / 60+
"Care-Holiday" concept  50+ / 60+
Green Care-concept  50+ / 60+
ArtGeneration® Academy 50+ / 60+
Co-working group in rental workshop 50+ / 60+
CoWorking 50+ / 60+
meeting and office spaces 50+ / 60+
Free space for rare and currently dying crafts 50+ / 60+
ArtGeneration® vegetables Academy
"mother Emma"
The blue (washing) Salon
ArtGeneration® network knitting
Live-Music DayClub  50+/ 60+
Culture Market Hall   50+/ 60+
Manufaktur/ Zunfthaus   50+/ 60+
E-Bike | CYCLISTS   50+/ 60+
 aquaculture / aquaponic
Reconstruction of municipal outdoor and indoor pools
Rebuilding  of old railway stations
Boat Hiking and river cruises  50+/ 60+
rtGeneration® Hotel and Boardinghouse requirements
“Wanderlust” for the ArtGeneration over fifty / 60plus
Experience shopping  50+/ 60+
shopping 50+/ 60+
Gourmet-Shops 50+



Suitable for all regions of Germany, city size from approximately 2,000 inhabitants.

Multifunctional use as a neighborhood cafe, communication site and meeting place (Social Media analog), in collaboration with the regional ArtGeneration Star Stern22 Region Guide.

For the generation 55 plus & Generational, cultural venue (readings / exhibitions / music / theater), Agency for various areas of life, Caterers and Restaurant daily. Supplement with attached Boardinghouse, Apartment- or Community Living.


Numerous options for the implementation of Artgeneration concepts. Information: CONVERTED @ ArtGeneration. eu




ArtGeneration® patient community and medical services

The ArtGeneration® construction and remodeling-in-existance concepts in the city and in the country, we make sure that a meaningful holistic medical care is guaranteed.
Communal or cooperative models allow cost-effective operation of medical practices, practices with complementary alternative medicines to physiotherapy and dental laboratories.

The "Polyclinic boarding-house"

Rebuilding  concepts in cities.
Cafe / bistro + "floor clinic" + boarding apartment room with elevator and catering / concierge service, incl. electronic locking systems.
For example, for diagnostics / health check / orthopedics / physiotherapy / geriatrics / dental clinic for implants.
Another example: Ophthalmology. The first IT generation comes in the "Cataract age". Sophisticated treatments such as refractive lens exchange, the treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) along with other eye diseases of advancing age, require careful selection of potential locations and logistically sophisticated planning.


Converting former (spa) clinics, farms and other large buildings.
Alternative treatments and therapies as a complement to conventional medicine like
Acupressure, acupuncture, Alexander technique, anthroposophic medicine, respiratory therapy, ayurveda, eye training, auriculotherapy, autogenic training, auto-suggestion, azidosetherapy, Bach flower therapy, alkaline diet, spa treatment, balneotherapy, occupational therapy, bowtech, movement therapy, deep tissue massage, biochemistry after Schuessler, bioenergetics, biofeedback, Bircher-Brenner diet, leech treatment, chakra therapy, chelation therapy, chinese medicine, chirologie, chiropractic, cluster medicine, Clark therapy, colon hydrotherapy, colonic massage, cranio-sacral therapy, intestinal cleansing, colonic irrigation diet, Dorn therapy, darkfield microscopy, echinacin therapy, gemstone therapy, autologous blood therapy, electro-acupuncture according to Dr. Voll, enzyme therapy, relaxation techniques, occupational therapy, nutritional therapy, esogetic Medicine, eurythmics, colorpuncture, color therapy, Feldenkrais method, Felke therapy, feng shui, five Tibetans, reflexology, therapeutic fasting, whole body hyperthermia, counter sensitization by Theurer, gelosentherapy, talk therapy, gestalt therapy, group therapy, hair mineral analysis, therapy with pets, Hildegard medicine, homeopathy, homotoxicology, humoral, hydroelectric bath, hydrotherapy, hypnosis, immune stimulation, inhalation, ion ointment, ion therapy (endogenous), iontophoresis, isometric exercises, isopathy, japanese herbal heat, cold therapy, kahuna, kinesthetic, kinesiology, Kneipp Kur, carbon dioxide therapy, herbal therapy by Maria Treben, constitution therapy, art therapy, laser therapy, light therapy, lymphatic drainage, magnetic therapy, macrobiotics, painting therapy, manual therapy, massage, Mayr cure, meditation, mental training, mesotherapy, microkinesitherapie, microbiological therapy, mistletoe therapy, whey-drinking cure, Moxa therapy, music therapy, muscle relaxation according to Jacobson, medicinal fungi , nail diagnostics, neural therapy, nosode therapy, ear acupuncture, ear candle, organotherapy, orgone therapy, orthomolecular medicine, osteopathy, ozone therapy, phytotherapy (herbal medicine), pranic healing, psychotherapy, pyramid energy, Qi Gong, radionics, Schroth, radon therapy, dowsing, reflexology, rolfing, red light treatment, juice fasting, Schnitzer food, oxygen treatment, cupping, sensitivity training, soft laser therapy, Stanger, brine treatment, tachyon therapy, tai chi chuan, taiki-magnetic plaster, tantric massage, thalassotherapy, tThymusbehandlung, tibetan medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), teas, UV irradiation, Tui-Na hyperthermia therapy, vegan diet, vegetarian diet, four cell, whole foods, Waerland food, heat therapy, yoga, cell therapies, zen, tongue diagnosislotherapie,


Artgeneration Health Concepts. Information: Health-concepts @ ArtGeneration  eu



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