Cottbus has long been well-known for its parks and has more recently established itself as a university town.
Cottbus is developing into the centre for services, science and administration in southern Brandenburg.
Cottbus is the largest city in the Lower Lausitz, located on the middle Spree between the Lausitzer Grenzwall the south and the Spreewald (river Spree forest) in the north. The river Spree flows  through the city at a length of 23km.
The nearest big cities are Dresden, about 90 km south- west,  and Berlin about 100 km northwest of Cottbus.
Cottbus is a major railway junction with extensive sidings/depots. Cottbus is an easy destination to reach. Its culture, art and nature offer many opportunities for adventure, sightseeing and recreation. Cottbus – a city of culture and arts and a centre of health.

Niederlausitz :: Cottbus

Next to Cottbus is the famous Branitz Park, created by Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau after 1845. Schloss Branitz (Branitz Castle) was rebuilt by Gottfried Semper in a late Baroque style.

Cottbus is also home of the Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) and the maths/science-oriented.

Every year Cottbus is host to the East European Film Festival.

Options for the implementation of concepts are available for the ArtGeneration 50plus.

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Many of ArtGeneration concepts are implemented, besides the establishment of structures for art, culture, gastronomy, tourism and general services or services for ArtGeneration and other target groups.

Accompanied by various living concepts for Community Residential / Apartment Living ArtGeneration, mix models lofts CoWorking, studios.

Cottbus is a green city by the Spree river. Situated between the metropolitan areas of Berlin and Dresden.

Cottbus, Altmarkt

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