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ELBE-ELSTER Land :: Herzberg

Many of ArtGeneration concepts are implemented, besides the establishment of structures for art, culture, gastronomy, tourism and general services or services for ArtGeneration and other target groups.

Accompanied by various living concepts for Community Residential / Apartment Living ArtGeneration, mix models lofts CoWorking, studios, workshops and agricultural concepts / Green Care.

Herzberg, a medieval town (about 9,200 inhabitants) on the banks of the Schwarze Elster, can be found at the southwestern border of the State of Brandenburg at the junction of the highways Leipzig-Frankfurt (B87) and Dresden-Berlin (B 101).

The plains rich in forests around the town are traversed by rolling hills and surrounded by extensive pine and deciduous forests, which are widely known for its mushroom wealth.

RB Regio Berlin, about 80 minutes
Distance to the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve by car about 50 minutes
Hospital available.

Options for the implementation of concepts, for the ArtGeneration 55plus, are available.

Information: Herzberg @ ArtGeneration eu

photo: ArtGeneration, 55plus, Stadt Herzberg, LutzBruno/ Wikimedia Commons, Foto: nof,  Luftbild Herzberg und Teehäuschen im Botanischen Garten (Quelle Stadt Herzberg)

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