(The) ArtGeneration Land

The south of the East.

(The) ArtGeneration Land: Located between Elbe and Neisse, it consists of the regions of Lower Lausitz and Elbe-Elster Land, one of the sunniest regions in Germany. * From Nature Park Niederlausitz over the Lusatian Lakeland until Spreewald: one encounters natural river landscapes, historic town centers, charming villages, rural parks and the largest man-made water landscape in Europe.
(* E.g .: sunshine hours per year; Essen 1454, Hamburg 1557, Stuttgart 1641, Cottbus 1679 hours)

ArtGeneration Land Places:

Positive networking between Neisse rivers, Spreewald forest and Lusatian Lakes.
Elbe-Elster Country
The railway junction region between Spreewald and Elbe.
 Falkenberg/ Elster
 Herzberg/ Elster

(The) ArtGeneration Land
Cottbus, street view

They still exist, the undiscovered regions:
(The) ArtGeneration Land, south / south-east of Berlin with Cottbus as "Capital of Culture".
Gentrification, housing deficiencies and commercial space deficiency, endless traffic jams, sprawling suburbs and landscapes, long waits at authorities, heat buildup in cities, simply the problems of the "West German" everyday life are nowhere to be found.
The well-organized cities have a very well-functioning social infrastructure, an extensive range of attractively priced shops, offices, apartments and agricultural property in the region, and are surrounded by a varied landscape (but no mountains) located at or in natural parks.

The metropolitan areas of Berlin and Leipzig can be reached in just over an hour. An excellent transport infrastructure with international airports (Berlin and Leipzig), several highways and numerous rail connections to Berlin, Leipzig and Cottbus offer optimal accessibility.

In addition to the favorable real estate prices there are the ideal conditions for a model region of ArtGeneration activities. Nearly all concepts (Conversion / Construction) are feasible, the authorities and  people are open-minded and motivated to implement and support  the ArtGeneration Living -Life- Working concepts.

Medical care in "ArtGeneration Land" is above average, fiber optic networks  offer   a fast Internet connection at the location. Tourist attractions  (* Spreewald forest, Lusatian Lakeland) provide a feel-good atmosphere.

For ArtGeneration company founder 50/60 plus there are numerous funding opportunities offered by the country, the federal government and the EU.

(The) ArtGeneration Land Rail links

Art Generation priorities for business start-ups:

Small Factories (For example, glasses) furniture, crafts with shops and workshops. Textile Factories / made-to measure, handmade shoes, arts and crafts, art, galleries; for example, Focus Art Eastern Europe and Scandinavia

workshops (dance, health, wellness), digital media, film, events (old cinema), music, literature, bookstore, Antiquarian, Books, instrument making and trading, audio products, E-Books (manufacturing, e-learning, earbooks), telemedicine, IT, tele fitness, media art, culture and medicine,    creative industries and advertising and marketing for specific audiences and a holistic tourism, steampunk designer, offices for social innovation, film location scouts

artisanal production and retail of food specialties and health food, vegetable oils, extracts, Perfumery and cosmetics

aquaponic / algae cultivation, processing fast-growing plants / power plants (growing in Niederlausitz), wood chips machines / Forestry,  greenhouses (construction / sales), development high Tech garden houses, facade greening (technology), irrigation systems, IT Green Tech, Biotechnology, Green Roofs, Roof Gardening, Florists and garden design.
Factories & Metalworking for E Bikes, scooters, (seniors) fitness equipment, lifts, wheelchairs / walkers, construction of boats / solar boats

Expansion and conversion of recreational vehicles, motor homes and disabled / senior-friendly vehicles.

Besides the establishment of structures for art, culture, gastronomy, tourism and general services and services for ArtGeneration and other target groups.

Accompanied by various living concepts for Community Residential / Apartment Living ArtGeneration, mix models lofts CoWorking, studios, workshops and agricultural concepts / Green Care.

If not here, then when?

Numerous options for the implementation of Artgeneration concepts are available.
Information: mail @ ArtGeneration eu  

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